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From ravioli to tortelli: fresh pasta "alla BIOG"

With half a dozen new pasta types, the brand BIOG expands its offer for hurried gourmets with filled pasta in the refrigerated section. The time savings at the preparation allows an even greater taste, since every filling has its own charm.

The new range of products entails ravioli, tortelli and tortellini with mushrooms and black truffel, basil pasto, spinach and ricotta, rucola or sun-dried tomatos. Every single bite makes you want to try more!

Try it out yourself!

The new pasta products go very well with the tomato sauces from BIOG and the traditional grated cheese from Schanck-Haff in Hupperdange. Everything is produced from BIOG - the brand of BIOGROS and the Bio-bauere-Genossenschaft Lëtzebuerg.