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New paintings are now enhancing the Bio-Restaurant

The colourful and diversified pictures on canvas by Carole Bever from Reckange/Mess are now decorating the NATURATA Bio-Restaurant in Munsbach and adding a pinch of good humour to everyone’s lunch break.

The hobby-artist had fun expressing her ideas artistically ever since she was young. Thus, she always paints intuitively, sometimes using red colours, others times blue nuances. Carole Bever experiments with different techniques, such as acrylic and oil colours or the fluid-painting method and is always open for something new.

Carole Bever Giraffe WEB

The exhibition consists of a multitude of paintings in various sizes, with animals as the common theme, which create a positive atmosphere. The special highlight of the exhibition? With the purchase of the canvas with the giraffe on it, you are not only making a favour to yourself, but also to the people in South-Kivu. The total profit of this sale will be transferred to our partner organisation regarding the Christmas fundraising campaign.

The exposition takes place until the 19th of January 2021. In case you are interested in buying one of the paintings, please contact the artist via the number indicated on the note next to the work of art.

Have fun!

  • Carole Bever Bilder1 WEB
  • Carole Bever Bilder2 WEB
  • Carole Bever Bilder3 WEB
  • Carole Bever Bilder4 WEB
  • Carole Bever Bilder5 WEB