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OIKOPOLIS has its hub in the Parc d'Activité Syrdall business park in Munsbach. There, under the same roof, its subsidiaries work with public utility associations and other institutions with a similar focus.

Twelve kilometres to the east of the capital, the two OIKOPOLIS buildings form a distinctly recognisable landmark. They stand out due to their shapes and characteristic colours, but integrate harmoniously into the natural landscape of the valley of the Syre thanks to their wooden cladding and green stepped roofs. This design is adapted to their “intrinsic values”, because all the technical installations are geared towards sustainability and the conservation of resources.

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The architectural ensemble formed by the two buildings is testament to the interaction between production and consumption that has existed since their design, as the gallery of images above shows.

The two buildings also complement each other in terms of content: whereas the 2001 building houses accounts and production, OIKOPOLIS II has been entirely given over to consumers since its opening in 2006: from the underground car park reserved for customers of the NATURATA food market on the ground floor right up to the top floor.

This is home to the NATURATA Bio Resto & Café and the specialist NATURATA beauty & culture store. Besides the huge choice of certified natural cosmetic products, eco-friendly cleaning products and household items, the store also offers a carefully selected range of books, sustainable gift ideas and responsibly made yoga clothing. A salon for soothing and/or effective skincare treatments using natural cosmetics completes the offering.

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Plan your journey:


13, rue Gabriel Lippmann

L-5365 Munsbach



... by bus:

  • Line 740 (Luxembourg – Kirchberg – Munsbach/Parc d’Activités Syrdall): “Äisvull” stop, in front of the OIKOPOLIS Centre
  • Line 144 (Itzig – Hesperange – Howald – LU/Gare – Centre – Kirchberg – Schuttrange – Neihaischen): “Parc d‘Activités Syrdall” stop on the Rue Principale (see map: rue principale)
  • Line 142 (Kirchberg – Niederanven – Oetrange – Moutfort): “Parc d‘Activités Syrdall” stop, Rue Principale
  • Line 117 (Luxembourg – Findel (Lux-Airport) – Munsbach – P+R Mesenich – Trier) : “Parc d‘Activités Syrdall” stop, Rue Principale

... by train:

Line 30 : Luxembourg – Wasserbillig (-Trèves)

Stop: Munsbach (regional train only); at peak times, take the free shuttle to the Parc d’Activités Syrdall or, if you are travelling between 12:01 pm and 2:21 pm, take the free Hop-on-Hop-off bus serving the commune of Schuttrange (every 20 min).

Alternatively, walk in the direction of Niederanven until you get to the Parc d'Activités Syrdall (approx. 15 min.)

All the public transport timetables are available at (EN)

... by car:

Take the A1 motorway Luxembourg – Trèves, exit 11 (Munsbach/Niederanven)

Then follow the map