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The OIKOPOLIS Luxembourg group has its origin in the cooperative Bio-Bauere-Genossenschaft Lëtzebuerg (BIOG), founded in 1988. The latter lies at the very heart of the whole group and its extended network.

Within the OIKOPOLIS network, other companies that produce and market organic foods are affiliated to a parent company through shareholdings. Additionally, various cooperative alliances link the companies to each other.

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This networking reflects the approach of the founders, who wished to act in an associative way, that is by creating associations or mergers at various levels in the value creation chain, even if these levels do not coexist directly, for example wholesale and retail. Communication plays an essential role in this concept. In contrast with the limitations of the conventional economy, in the associative economy communication is not confined to bilateral negotiations, for example between the producer and the processor, or to ad hoc contacts, for example between the salesperson in store and the end customer. On the contrary, it brings together all the partners in the value creation chain and invites open exchange between them, from the producer to the consumer, who becomes a responsible user thanks to the transparency that prevails within this circle. You can find more information on these practices on the “fair & associative” page.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, associative cohesion manifests itself as cooperation between existing companies, but it has a quite tangible impact on the structure: the elements missing in the circle are completed by a common initiative. Thanks to this cooperative network, solidarity is strengthened all along the value creation chain, from the organic farmers to the end customer, through all the stages of processing and marketing. Cooperative solidarity therefore literally extends “from field to fork”. Support for this form of association was and is a clear objective of the BIOG founders and of all the ensuing marketing initiatives for organic products.

The physical hub of these group and network initiatives is the OIKOPOLIS centre in Munsbach. Its name embodies the community spirit described above. It links two concepts of ancient Greek and a mission for the future: “Oikos” (domestic and economic community) and “Polis”, an ancient form of community of citizens.

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"Whether I can help, I do not know;
A single person does not help, but only,
who unites with many at the right hour."

« The green snake and the beautiful lily » , Johann Wolfgang von Goethe