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Corporate culture

OIKOPOLIS is a community of values

When the OIKOPOLIS centre opened in 2011, it represented a major milestone in the history of the Luxembourg organic market. That year, in view of the challenges ahead, the staff of the OIKOPOLIS companies, as well as the farmers and shareholders, reflected on the objectives and values that had been determining over the course of the previous decade. Thus was established a business model centred on agriculture, fair collaboration, social cohesion and education.

In 2016, a working group comprising all the companies adopted these values to update them while preserving the core messages. The pillars of our actions thus reformulated, and with their priorities reviewed, culminated in the group’s mission. Together, the business model, its values and its mission embody the culture of our company and also act as the basis for its strategic evolution.


Application in daily life

Within the framework of our corporate culture, we have defined guidelines for our relationships with our customers and our commercial partners, but also our mutual respect, because we want to assert our values in daily life. We consider the implementation of these values and objectives in daily life to be the basis of our work and the expression of our aspiration to an associative economic culture.

The main focus of our action has stayed the same since the foundation of the BIOG cooperative: our principal objective is to effectively support ecological agriculture and to encourage everybody to collaborate and thus to promote sustainable economic structures.