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A visit from the Grand-Duc at the OIKOPOLIS headquarters

End of 2018, the Grand-Duc Henri visited together with minister for agriculture, viticulture and consumer protection Fernand Etgen the OIKOPOLIS Center in Munsbach.

The visitors could participate in a behind the scenes of a few cooperating companies that represent the majority of the value chain of the organic products: distribution, packaging, storage of fruits and vegetables and their processing to eeady-to-eat products and finally the specialised retailer as well as the organic restaurant and Catering service.

  • Visite_GD_Gal2_TKBienvenu
  • Visite_GD_Gal3_Bienvenupublic
  • Visite_GD_Gal4_MEBienvenu
  • Visite_GD_Gal5_ASBienvenu
  • Visite_GD_Gal6_Weg Cuisine
  • Visite_GD_Gal7_BIOGROSLager
  • Visite_GD_Gal8_OIKOBakhaus Gruppe
  • Visite_GD_Gal9_Baecker
  • Visite_GD_Gal1_Mehlabfuellung
  • Visite_GD_Gal10_Ou G
  • Visite_GD_Gal11_Boucherie
  • Visite_GD_Gal12_Mo Pro
  • Visite_GD_Gal13_buc
  • Visite_GD_Gal14_Gruppenbild

Focus on sustainability

During the company visit, the environmentally engaged Grand-Duc was similarly well informed as interested in many details. Hence, interesting conversations about single aspects on sustainability matters with employees and representatives were the result. In this context, the representatives could refer to the newest edition of the OIKOPOLIS sustainability report.


After the visit of the Cuisine Artisanale of BIOGROS sàrl, the OIKO-Bakhaus, NATURATA store Munsbach, the NATURATA beauty & culture as well as the NATURATA Bio Resto & Café were visited, where a delicious wine, partly vegan, was served.