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BIOGROS actively contributes to climate action

In order to guarantee a more sustainable supply chain, BIOGROS, the wholesaler for organically certified food in Luxembourg, uses sustainable packaging and transportation solutions. The collaboration with IFCO, leading provider of reusable containers worldwide, has led to a reduction in the use of resources and to the protection of the environment.

IFCO reusable carriers are all made of the same material. They can thus be reused up to 100 times and can later on be granulated and recycled 100%.

BIOGROS was able to cut 60 thousand kg of its emissions in 2020 thanks to the green containers. In other words, the yearly incidental emissions of 39 cars could be avoided. Furthermore, the daily quantity of waste of about 26 thousand Europeans could be avoided last year. Moreover, the IFCO containers enable a reduction of water usage, as well as a saving of energy and of product defects, which has a positive impact on the climate footprint.

You can find all our climate actions on our homepage.