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BIOGROS: certificat proves resource prevention

From now on it is official: BIOGROS has saved a lot of energy and avoided up to14,595 tons of CO₂-emissions from the massive use of innovative collapsible containers alone. This was confirmed by a sustainability certificate from the company IFCO that is based on scientific calculations.

The collapsible containers that BIOGROS uses for their distribution of fresh products since 2016, optimise the supply chain in many ways. On the ride back, the boxes only require 10% of the loading volume of rigid containers and thus prevent empty rides to the warehouse. Instead, the trucks can pick up fruits from fields or grains from our BIOG farms. Moreover, the boxes are recyclable and preserve resources through the return of saved raw materials and Primary energy in the distribution cycle.


Protection of the environment through sustainable logistics

These positive effects on the environment are proven by studies on the life cycle of the containers - from their first use over the cleaning and inspection process, to their reuse. The boxes undergo this cycle more than 50x. After that, they are 100% recycled.

The natural resources that are saved over the whole life cycle of the unique IFCO boxes are converted into the total amount of boxes that a distribution partner uses per calendar year. BIOGROS saved energy worth of 928 Gigajoule in 2018.


More aspects:

The reduction or avoidance of further damages such as CO₂-emissions, water use at the packaging production and thereby arising potential waste, was calculated for the supply chain of BIOGROS on the basis of available data. The sustainability certificate documents an important aspect of our efforts to preserve resources and to protect the environment and integrates itself into our sustainability and common good strategy.

At the occasion of the latest common good audit of the OIKOPOLIS Group, the introduction of the sustainable transport containers was honored by the external auditors under another aspect. They praised amongst other the fact that the responsible people of BIOGROS were also able to convince their clients of the advantages of the innovative boxes and graded this as an active contribution to the increase of the Industry standard in terms of sustainable development.