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Biogros employees develop sustainable transport cover

The ECOPULL - a reusable alternative

The company Biogros has succeeded in taking another step towards sustainability. In addition to importing organic food, the wholesaler collects the organic products of Luxembourg's organic producers and distributes them in daily deliveries to organic shops and supermarkets. Day after day, the goods are sorted in the warehouse at Biogros according to the orders received and prepared on roll containers (Rollis) for transport to the shops. To protect the products on the fully packed Rollis, it is common practice that they are mechanically wrapped with a thin plastic film. This film is then removed in the retail store before the goods are put on the shelves and ended up in the plastic waste until now.

Sergej Wagner, the employee responsible in the Biogros warehouse, has been very disturbed by this fact for some time. So, in an intensive exchange with colleagues, a more sustainable solution was sought. The idea of covering the goods ready for delivery with a protection that can be reused once it has fulfilled its purpose, cam up. Samples were produced, practical tests were carried out, drivers and customers were consulted, until finally the ECOPULL, a reusable transport protection, was developed and can now be in use.

With the new ECOPULL, Biogros can save almost three tonnes of the previously used disposable wrapping film per year.