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Cordial thanks

THANKS - to all our fellow workers and to all those who ensure with their outstanding commitment, that NATURATA shops can assume their responsibility as distributors of organic food.

This applies to many people in various positions, from farmland to food store, as NATURATA’s organic markets are the grocery stores of Luxembourg’s organic farmers.

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Thanks to those who run our shops

Special thanks go to those working on the front lines of our organic food stores. They are doing a great job reaching from qualified customer support to quick replenishment orders and hygienic shelf management - all of which is done while observing the newly implemented rules of social distancing and remaining as kind as ever.

Thanks to all those who play their part anywhere else

Our cordial thanks also go to those working for our daily bread and milk as well as for the other daily goods we all are in need of. First and foremost, this applies to organic farmers and gardeners, but also to those who are working on other stations of the value chain, be it in organic bakeries, organic dairy production or for organic wholesalers, to name just a few. They all help to ensure that food from organic and biodynamic production can be offered to our clients, as NATURATA has been doing for more than 30 years.