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Exemplary result for OIKOPOLIS

The OIKOPOLIS Group has created its third balance sheet following the principles of the Economy of the Common Good and finalised the certification process with the completed audit. With 669 points, the company reached an excellent score – only a handful of other companies have been able to achieve an exemplary result.

The consistent ecological orientation in each corporate activity is not only limited to the distribution of biologically certified goods, but also includes the optimisation of installations, such as the cooling equipment and the electrification of the fleet of vehicles.

The continuously exemplary “round table” discussions, which have been organised since the beginning of the company, were mentioned in the audit. All the participants of the value chain – from the supplier to the customer – are negotiating their trading terms together at eye level and are mutually supporting each other.

The social engagement of OIKOPOLIS to support an environmentally friendly and value-based society remains high and was explicitly mentioned by the auditors. The series “Oikopolis am Dialog” was able to establish itself and plays an important part in the discussions of current social questions. Our own label “fair & associative” leads the way to an economy based on values for other companies.

Through the constant systematisation of processes and the evaluation of adopted measures, our continuously growing company will guarantee and further develop the value orientation in each corporate domain in the future. Our corporate guidelines compiled by all our employees will serve as a good foundation.

The chosen path of OIKOPOLIS to strengthen employees with the takeover of leadership responsibility was welcomed by the audition team.