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Finally online: the KPMG Customer Experience study 2020

This year’s KPMG Customer experience study shows the importance of corporate resilience and quick adaptation to new customer needs in the ranking process.

The global Covid-19 pandemic shaped the general consumer behaviour, also here in Luxembourg. Customer expectations consistently shifted towards health and safety. Thus, an experience, previously perceived as good, was not necessarily judged as well anymore.

More than half of this year’s Top 10 already belonged to the best ten companies regarding customer satisfaction in 2019. The existing customer-oriented corporate strategy played its advantages compared to the competition, since the Top 10 was able to navigate faster and better throughout this uncertain and unique period of crisis. The most important factors were, above all, humanity and kindness, as well as the well-being of one’s clients and employees.

The 1040 participants of the study could evaluate 80 companies by the means of 6 pillars. NATURATA improved by two places compared to last year and now ranks 6th in the global ranking including each industry. Regarding the grocery retail sector, the company succeeded in reaching the pole position again. Thanks to its vast offer in organic products, the retailer triumphed especially in the category “integrity”.

Very well organized during the confinement period, respect of hygiene rules, monitoring of the number of people who could enter the store, availability of disinfectant gel at the entrance and great supply in various quality products: it was a perfect experience!

LUX 2020 CEE respondent

The 6 pillars of the study

Decisive for the evaluation of the companies’ integrity is the consistent organisational behaviour that creates the image of trustworthiness and builds trust in the process. NATURATA stayed true to its principles and its offer in high-quality products and services since its founding.

The category resolution and problem-solving was aced by the managers in charge, who responded quickly at all times by immediately implementing the necessary safety measures followed by the communication of the latter. Moreover, online shopping was made possible and the food supply was consistently assured.

Customer satisfaction is calculated by the difference between costumer expectations and the delivery of those by the company. As one can see in the quote above, these expectations have been more than met in most cases. Apart from a few items, the whole range of products has been available and the prices have been stable.

Furthermore, the staff members have shown deep understanding for their clients’ special circumstances, have radiated empathy and have done everything for the safety of their customers.

The Group has always been stressing the importance of personalisation. This concept proved to be efficient especially in the beginning phase, during which the collaborators demonstrated normality and stability to their worried clientele during the still unusual shopping experiences.

The time and effort for grocery shopping activities have broadly been absorbed by the staff members of the 11 NATURATA stores. They did their best to deliver a comfortable shopping experience. The cooperation with the Luxembourgish Scouts was a helpful measure for the people at higher risk.

The whole Customer Experience Excellence Report 2020 by KPMG is now available for download.

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