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Just prices for food?

Many consumers could hardly understand the increase in food price during the first months of the Corona pandemic. However, there are multiple possible explanations for this rise, all pointing out a systemic failure at a much larger scale.

The article published on the eco platform Infogreen „Le « prix juste » et le « coût vérité », quelle valeur accordons-nous à notre alimentation?“, elucidates the current problems of the agricultural industry (multinationals buying agricultural land in bulk, price wars to the bottom, externalisation of the costs and outsourcing of production processes) and the incoherent European Agriculture Politics, including the consequences threatening the existence of the agricultural producers and the collateral damages to the environment.

Besides various interesting background information, such as the fact that 40% of the worldwide calorie intake come from the three monocrops rice, corn and wheat, the role of the consumers is pointed out even more. Consumers are endowed with a major lever in the transition of the food system and need to change the paradigm of food production from “more, faster, cheaper and everywhere with less labour and light environmental requirements” to “better, of high quality, environmentally-friendly and with short circuits to secure the basic needs of the population”.

If you are interested in how you can contribute yourself to a fairer distribution of resources and income, click on the link to read the full article on Infogreen.