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Luxemburgish organic products in the focus of the agriculture convention

„Lëtz make Luxembourg more organic“ – the Bio-Lëtzebuerg association advertised through this slogan at the yearly Foire Agricole in Ettelbruck (FAE) to attract interested consumers.

Under the same devise - supplemented with the word „Now!“ – the association for organic agriculture in Luxembourg already celebrated its 30 years anniversary in April 2018.

1988 is an important year as it represents the turning point in organic agriculture. That year, Luxembourgish organic farmers organised a common structure for the first time, the cultivation associations bio-LABEL and Demeter Bond Lëtzebuerg, which fusioned to Bio-Lëtzebuerg in 2012. Today, the association professionally supports farms that potentially want to convert to organic agriculture as well as organic farmers, processors and retailers.

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Bio: family-friendly and of royal interest

The vast variety of stands and activites made the thematic focus on organic food products a real attraction. Families with children were attracted as much as engaged consumers with or without Background knowledge and gourmet-newcomers, who approached the quality of organic food via tasting offers.

Daniela Noesen, director of Bio-Lëtzebuerg could not only welcome and accompany members of the government (Carole Dieschbourg, Fernand Etgen), but also register the royal interest of Grand-Duc Henri.

During the closing of the visit which was filled with conversations and degustations, the head of State followed, like the other Ministers, the call for action of the association for organic agriculture: „Hannerlooss deng Spuer am Buch fir méi Bio“ ("leave your traces in the book for more organic products").