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NATURATA compensates CO₂-footprint

Like every year, in 2018 the OIKOPOLIS companies have paid a compensation for the use of energy they caused in the last fiscal year according to their sustainability reporting. In 2016, the use of energy of the group amounted to 1.602 tons of CO₂-equivalent.

Per ton that has been used, OIKOPOLIS usually Transfers 20 Euro to Independent institutions that support organic agriculture, since this method has scientifically proven compensating effect on the climate.

In 2016, the total amount of the volontary compensation payment was 32.040 Euro. The three core companies of the OIKOPOLIS Group have donated each a third of that sum to three reliable institutions within the country and abroad (NATURATA to the Institut fir Biologësch Landwirtschaft an Agrarkultur Luxemburg a.s.b.l., OEKimmO to the Bio-Lëtzebuerg Vereenegung fir Bio-Landwirtschaft Lëtzebuerg asbl, and BIOGROS to the agricultural section of the Swiss Goetheanum in Dornach).


Over 10.680 Euro from the company OEKimmO sàrl to the association Bio-Lëtzebuerg, represented by Daniela Noesen and employee Julie Mousel (v.l.n.r.). The symbolic cheque was given by OEKimmO CEO Andreas Loch.