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New company: BIOG-Cerealis Sàrl

On 7th of June 2021, the company BIOG-Cerealis Sàrl was founded by OIKOPOLIS-Participations SA and 10 other people who are members of the BIOG cooperative.

According to Art. 2. of the Articles of Association, the object and purpose of the company is the purchase of cereals, primarily from the producer-members of the cooperative BIOG Bio-Bauere-Genossenschaft Lëtzebuerg, as well as their storage, milling into flours and processing into all kinds of cereal products and the marketing of these products.

The establishment of this new company became necessary after it became increasingly clear to the management of the BIOG cooperative that the previous practice of cleaning, drying and storing grain in rented silos and then milling and packaging it on a contract basis was definitely reaching its limits. The cooperative however does not have the reserves to afford such an investment, hence a solution was sought within the OIKOPOLIS Group, with its somewhat "broader shoulders". This newly founded company is structured similarly to the BIOG dairy founded six years ago: OIKOPOLIS Participations SA provides the lion's share of the subscribed capital and interested cereal farmers have participated with rather symbolic shares.

For several months now, very concrete concepts and plans for a corresponding new building have been available, which were drawn up under the leadership of Ralf Leifgen. An application for a suitable plot of land in a centrally located industrial estate has been submitted and a commitment is expected in the near future.