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New initiative for organic grains, flour and bread

Together with the Supermarket chain Cactus and the traditional backing business „Pains et Tradition“, the BIOG cooperation started the initiative „Zesummen fir eis Bio-Baueren“(together for our organic Farmers). The next participant is the OIKO-Bakhaus Munsbach (bakery). Together, the Quality-focused representatives from production, processing and retailing want to support the value chain of organic grains, flour and bread.

Next to the minister of agriculture Romain Schneider (4.f.r.), the Luxembpourgish pioneer in regards to organic Food Jos Schanck (3.f.r.) was present at the introduction of the new initiative att the farm of BIOG farmer Serge van Dyck (3.f.l). The Partners are Cactus, BIOG, represented with Laurent Schonckert and Volker Manz (4.u.5.f.l.) as well as Pains & Tradition (Jean Kircher, middle, with the project-charta).

The official Goal of the newly formed „Tripartite“: face the Price pressure of international corporations with the inertia of local SME's, which are supporting the regional organic agriculture for many decades. In order to boost it even further, the Partners bind themselves with a Charta for Joint Quality standards, secured sales opportunities and fair Producer Prices. Another Goal is to sensitise consumers About the value of every step in the value chain. Every three months, collective roundtables should document the results of the last Trimester and draft perspectives for the future structuring of offer and Price.

Extremely important is the transparency of the origins of raw material and production conditions. Thereby the signers of the Charta are supporting the Research work of IBLA with yearly individual donations of 5.000 Euro. The Institute is working on a commonly applicable sustainability assessment for agricultural businesses.In this context, a Software was created to help Farmers with the Management and sustainable development of their farm. In a further step, the assessment scale can help consumers with the ability to Picture the efforts of a farmer. Furthermore, one Goal of the Charta is to convince more Farmers to rearrange their farms to organic production Methods.

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