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New NATURATA in Altrier: Official opening of "number 11" in the country

Only one week after BIOG association and NATURATA celebrated their 30 years anniversary together, there was a new occasion to cheer on the 24th of October: the opening of the 11th NATURATA store in Altrier was celebrated with minister of the environment Carole Dieschbourg and agriculture minister Romain Schneider.

(f.l.t.r.) Camille Kohn (Mayor of Bech), Änder Schanck (chairman of the OIKOPOLIS Group), Minister of agriculture Romain Schneider and Minister of the environment Carole Dieschbourg

Änder Schanck, co-founder of the BIOG cooperation and chairman of the OIKOPOLIS Group and NATURATA CEO Sigmund Walbaum started the evening with a special thank you to family Demuth, who gave the starting position to the new NATURATA farm shop with their neighbouring Demeter garden shop in 2016. The garden market and the shop represent a little circular economy: NATURATA sells fresh vegetables and on cold days, the lost heat from the cooling storage is used for the heating system of the greenhouses.

Both ministers consider the new store as an "aditional value" in the region. According to Schneider, the store is an important "contribution for the urban development", since retail stores not only belong to cities, but also need to secure the supply of people in urban areas, where the production is taking place.

IMG 7684

Minister of the environment Carole Dieschbourg and Minister of agriculture Romain Schneider with store manager Caroline Kass

Minister Dieschbourg said that people "don't have time anymore to get to know something" because they can buy "ready to eat products in the stores". This is different in the NATURATA store in Altrier. This place stands in relation to nature, clients are consulted and organic businesses can sell their products at fair prices.

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Beginning the 1st of July, the NATURATA store in Altrier is open Mo-Fr 9:00-19:00 Uhr and Sa 9:00-18:00. The store is located on the main route from the city to Echternach.

The store offers around 7.000 organic products on 400 m2 : Fresh fruits and vegetables, hand crafted bread, traditional cheese and natural cosmetics.

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