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OIKOPOLIS companies compensate their CO2 footprint

Same as the last years, the companies of the OIKOPOLIS Group made compensation payments for their energy consumption during last year’s reporting period according to the latest sustainability report.

The basis for the compensation payments is the calculation of the total consumption of each building and each journey made by BIOGROS or by an employee by the means of a systematic developed by experts several years ago. In 2019, the total amount of energy consumption of the entire Group reached a level of 1.597 tons of CO2 equivalents. Despite overall growth, the Group was able to record a reduction in its CO2-emissions in comparison to 2017,- this shows, that a conscious and responsible energy management pays off.

Same as the previous years, the compensation money is paid to organisation that engage in organic agriculture, which generally binds, as commonly known, carbon into the soil.

OIKOPOLIS subsidiaries each donate 11.977 € to institutions engaging in organic agriculture


Patrick Kolbusch (BIOGROS) with Dani Noesen (Bio-Lëtzebuerg) | Sigmund Walbaum (NATURATA) with Stéphanie Zimmer (IBLA) | Änder Schanck (OIKOPOLIS Services) for the Schweizer Goetheanum

This year, the OIKOPOLIS Group is donating 22.5€, instead of the usual 20 €, per ton, in order to outbalance the reduced energy consumption. Consequently, the total sum of the voluntary compensation payments for the period 2019 amounts to 35.931 €. The proven institutions „Vereenengung fir Bio-Landwirtschaft Lëtzebuerg“, “IBLA“ and the section for agriculture at the Schweizer Goetheanum in Dornach are each donated 11.977 € by the subsidiaries NATURATA, BIOGROS and OIKOPOLIS Services, in order to support provable eco-friendly exploitation methods.

The symbolic cheque ceremony took place on the 4th of September.