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Partner of Biogros invests in solarpanels

Family Latz, a long-standing partner of Biogros, runs an orchard in Saarwellingen, which produces fresh Demeter apples and pears according to the highest organic quality standards.

The plantation, situated on a slope, uses two water sources, namely the spring pond from the valley and the water reservoir 700m away and 45m higher up.

To ensure that the pumping of water from the valley to the reservoir can now take place in a sustainable way, the family has invested in a special pump that uses renewable energy. The pump is powered by solar panels and can therefore run at infinitely variable speed depending on the amount of sunlight. The pump is functional from a power of 60V and can transport up to 90,000 litres of water up the mountain every day.

The panels are mounted on floats so that they float on the pond and can better catch the sun's rays. Conveniently, the system can be monitored and controlled from a smartphone or the office. The Latz orchard is the first farm in Germany to make use of such an innovative system and is thus a pioneer in fruit cultivation.

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