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More power for our wind turbines

At the wind farm Wandpark Hengescht, in which OIKOPOLIS Participations SA indirectly holds a stake through Hëpperdanger Wandenergie Gesellschaft sàrl, three wind turbines are being replaced by two larger ones, or "repowered" as it is called in technical jargon.

The older turbines, which were shut down in September, were commissioned in May 2003 and produced a total of just over 9000 MWh per year with a capacity of 1800 KW each. The two new turbines now each have a capacity of 4200 KW and are expected to produce 11500 MWh of electricity per year. The towers of these modern turbines are 50 metres higher (160m) and the rotor diameter is twice as long (138m).

Because the dimensions of these new turbines are so different, it is not possible to erect them on the same site. In order to obtain a permit, the new sites must be aligned according to the standards for noise emission, shadow flicker, bird flight, etc., so that the turbines are not always located on a windy knoll in this case.

At the end of September, the first excavators moved in to build the platforms for the huge construction cranes that will dismantle the old turbines. At the same time, large construction machines moved in to prepare the earthworks for the access roads and the foundations of the new turbines.

The first phase of "repowering" was already carried out five years ago, when the eight pioneer turbines erected in 1998 and 1999 were replaced by three larger ones. If you look at the following table, you can see the possible increases in output. At this point, it must be added that the total output is achieved by two additional turbines, which were erected in 2017.

  • Repowering Windkraftanlage Okt 2021
  • Repowering Windkraftanlage Okt 2021 2
  • Repowering Windkraftanlage Okt 2021 3