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Presentation of the Lean & Green Awards 2020

On the 13th of October, BIOGROS was rewarded with two stars on the occasion of the Lean & Green Awards 2020.

In collaboration with the Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg and the Ministries for Sustainable Development and Mobility, the Chambre the Commerce honoured companies, who actively implemented projects aiming at reducing the CO2 emissions of their logistic activities and who hence contributed to the protection of the environment.

Present at the event was also Claude Turmes, the Minister for Energy, who identified distinct challenges, but also stressed the recent developments in technology, especially the ones in electric mobility. One of the four winners was also the organic wholesaler BIOGROS, who fulfilled the criteria for the second star at once in a period of only two years. In total, the savings in emissions reached 47%. Thus, the company minimised its energy consumption much faster and significantly higher than initially expected according to the 5-years action plan. The wholesaler received this important award as the first company in Luxembourg and now paves the way for e-mobility.

Patrick Kolbusch, manager of BIOGROS, presented the motivation behind the participation in the Lean & Green program as well as the challenges following it. Christelle Nicolay and Marco Gasper, the main people responsible for the realisation of the project, explained the details about the improvement of the energy consumption. The integration of an electric truck and the optimisation of the capacity utilisation regarding the distribution process, including the cooperation with an international competitor, contributed a great deal to the cut in emissions. The final closure of the event was the presentation of the new e-TGM in front of the Chambre de Commerce.

In the future, BIOGROS will continue to invest in innovative projects, which are promising and pioneering for a more sustainable future, conform to the motto: „Gutt fir Mënsch an Natur“.

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