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South-Kivu : a big thank you to all the donors

The fund raising campaign of 2019/20 of NAURATA ended with the them of South-Kivu. In the OIKOPOLIS Centre, a Delegation of SOS Faim received a symbolic check worth 15.000 EUR from NATURATA CEO Sigmund Walbaum.

f.l.t.r.: Charles Cikomola, Sigmund Walbaum/NATURATA, Raymond Weber und Thierry Defense/SOS Faim, Änder Schanck/OIKOPOLIS

The total sum of 6.552,50 Euro was made possible through the donation of not used loyal costumer Points and cash donations at the cashier. NATURATA doubled and rounded the amount to 15.000 Euro, which was transferred to the Luxembourgish non-profit organisation SOS Faim.

The donation is dedicated to projects in the province of South-Kivu in Congo.

Actu20200211 OIKO Dialog SOS Faim Charles Cikomola

„OIKOPOLIS am Dialog“ … together with South-Kivu

The audience learned from first hand about afforestation and soil Regeneration projects, education in sustainable agriculture and cooperation building for the purpose of the national common welfare .