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The new Pesticide Atlas is here!

Only recently, the Mouvement Ecologique published the results of a new study by the Luxembourg Ministry of Health: only organically produced food - whether locally produced or imported - is free of harmful pesticide residues.

The Heinrich-Böll Foundation's new Pesticide Atlas has also recently been published. In 19 chapters, the devastating effects of global pesticide use on health, biodiversity and environmental pollution are shown with the help of vivid graphics.

The topics are well known. Nevertheless, there remains a need to communicate the drastic consequences in society and politics; as a youth survey in Germany also shows. Even in the age of digitalisation, a reduction in the use of these toxic substances is not in sight. In organic and biodynamic agriculture, on the other hand, the use of pesticides and synthetic chemicals is completely banned. Thus, it provides important answers and concrete fields of action in various areas such as biodiversity, soil fertility and CO2 sequestration.

Interested parties can download the full report free of charge at the following link.

Pestizidatlas2022 Grafik 89
Pestizidatlas, Eimermacher/Puchalla, CC BY 4.0