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Deeply rooted in the region

The principal mission of the entire network of the Oikopolis Group is to support regional organic and biodynamic farmers through marketing of their products. BIOG-products of Luxembourg farmers guarantee a small distance between production and consumption and thus contribute to environmental and climate protection.

Of the total BIOG products, 79 products come from Luxembourg producers. BIOG milk, cheese, cereals, flour, eggs, carrots and potatoes are typical products produced by Luxembourg’s organic farmers. The dairy and the two cheese dairies owned by the farmers’ cooperative Biog process the milk also in Luxemburg. Currently, there are 27 regional BIOG dairy products produced from 100% Luxembourg organic milk.

To support transparency in the regional supply chain, we provide a wide range of information, such as brochures and product information available in the Naturata stores or films about the Biog farmers providing insights into their organic farming practices.

You find here more about the BIOG brand, their criteria, as well as the BIOG product brochure.

As production of organic products in Luxembourg is not sufficient, measured against the increasing demand for organic products, the cooperative Biog collaborates also with farms in the so-called Greater Region around Luxemburg. Besides, in order to be able to offer a varied range of products throughout the year, the BIOG brand also enters into long-term agreements with carefully selected farms outside the Greater Region. This means that consumers support regional organic farmers, also by buying imported goods. In the end, by further development of Luxembourg’s organic agriculture and expanding local processing capacities, more regional organic products will be offered under the BIOG brand.

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