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Community involvement

The Oikopolis Group engages itself also socially with the aim to participate in and contribute to ecological, social and economic transformation processes. For this purpose, information is developed and provided, events are organized and cooperation with various research and educational institutions are established.

As regular event, the OIKOPOLIS in Dialog is organised in which guest speakers are invited and participants can discuss on actual social-economic topics, like for example agriculture and climate change, nutrition and veganism or sustainable business management.

Another area of the groups’ community involvement is support to two organizations Kultursaat e.V and Bingenheimer Saatgut AG committed to organic seed breeding. The Oikopolis Group is supporting them with the aim that alternatives to hybrid seed continue to exist, therewith counteracting to the loss of diversity in plant varieties. As a partner in the international Naturata network, the group is involved in the "Fair Breeding" project, which (among other things) has successfully produced non-hybrid cauliflower seed. At that time, all participating stores committed to transfer for this purpose an amount equal to 0.3% of their fruit and vegetable sales.

Since many years, our community involvement includes also support towards the non-governmental organizations Friendship Luxembourg and SOS Faim in Luxemburg. We inform about their work, raise funds by our customers and contribute financially to their projects regarding development cooperation and poverty reduction.

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