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BIOGROS presents the first E-Truck in Luxembourg to the public

The Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg invited its members to their event “Hidden Champions in Luxembourg” to the Luxembourgish wholesaler BIOGROS.

Highlight of the day was the presentation of the new electric truck of BIOGROS.

Yves Bettendorf, director at Losch, formally handed over the symbolic key to Änder Schanck, Patrick Kolbusch and Marco Gasper.

Part of the program was a guided tour around the refrigerated storage rooms and the warehouse, as well as a presentation of the packaging machines for fruits and vegetables. After Patrick Kolbusch welcomed his numerous guests, Yves Bettendorf, director of LOSCH Truck, Van & Bus explained the technical details about the e-TGM and emphasised the newly developed electric cooling unit.

Besides der CO2 emissions that shrank from 97kg to 1.3 kg per 100km, the energy consumption is by two thirds lower than the one of a regular diesel truck. The new vehicle has an autonomous reach of up to 200km and is thus perfectly suitable for the regional distribution of organic food, which is characterised by a lot of stop & go’s. Moreover, the noiseless driving is a special attribute for the reduction of noise pollution caused by local traffic.

Thanks to the optimisation of the logistic processes, BIOGROS received the 2Stars-Award of the Lean&Green program as the first company in Luxembourg and one of the first ones on the European scale. Christelle Nicolay explained the whole process of BIOGROS on the basis of figures, clarifying that the program will not be terminated due to the reception of the two stars. On the contrary, the program will remain of high importance in the future.

After Marco Gasper, the head of logistics at BIOGROS, presented the improved distribution concept, it became apparent that the total emissions of the logistic activities decreased by 47% per allocated space. Paired with a cooperation between BIOGROS and a German wholesaler regarding delivering processes, these measures have a huge impact on CO2 reductions.

Surely, the acquisition price of the new e-TGM being three times as expensive as a conventional pendant is an investment for the future. However, the directors of BIOGROS are certain to stop investing in fossil fuel energy in the medium-term.

BIOGROS will continue to invest in innovative and associative projects, which follow the goal of a sustainable (agricultural) economy and which respect the principle of “Gutt fir Mënsch an Natur”.

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