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Major customer support for mangrove reforestation campaign in Bangladesh

  • Together with its customers, Naturata supports the "TREES FOR CLIMATE AND RESILIENCE" campaign of the NGO "Friendship Bangladesh" that has a subsidiary in Luxembourg.
  • The initiative helps people in Bangladesh to plant mangrove trees in the coastal area to protect against flooding.
  • Naturata doubled and rounded up the donations received so that 5,000 mangrove trees can be planted in the affected areas from the monetary value.

At the end of May this year, a cyclone hit the north-east coast of India and the south-west of Bangladesh. This coastal region is regularly inundated by cyclones. In Bangladesh alone, over 55,000 families lost their homes, crops, livestock and drinking water as a result of this disaster. The NGO "Friendship Bangladesh" supports people in this region through projects like "TREES FOR CLIMATE AND RESILIENCE". The project helps to plant mangrove trees in the coastal area of Bangladesh to protect farmland from erosion and salinization and residential areas from flooding.

More than 9,400€ in donations in the form of shopping coupons from Naturata customers have been received since the Friendship Bangladesh x Naturata fundraising campaign started in September. Naturata now has doubled the amount and rounded it up so that a cheque for 20,000€ was handed over to the organisation today. With this amount, 5,000 mangrove trees can be planted in the affected areas. This corresponds to a planned cultivation area of 1.6 hectares (16,000 square metres).

Naturata would like to thank all its customers for their active support of this project.

Friendship 2021 Mangroven
(Author: Friendship Bangladesh): With 4€ a mangrove tree can be planted and cared for until maturity.

About Friendship Bangladesh

Friendship Bangladesh is a needs-oriented NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) established in 2002 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to empower people in Bangladesh through a sustainable development approach. In 2006, Friendship Luxembourg was established to provide a support structure by mobilising financial and other resources. Over the years, a multi-dimensional partnership has evolved that includes financial support, technical assistance, skills-sponsorship, volunteering and sharing of best practices with various Luxembourg companies.

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