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Nature as a value

After the Chambre de Commerce visited the OIKOPOLIS Centre in Munsbach, article “la Nature comme valeur” was published in their magazine MERKUR in the September/October edition. Here is a short resume:

Picture: f.l.t.r. Anne-Marie Loesch, Änder Schanck, Carlo Thelen, Patrick Kolbusch, Cindy Tereba, Sigmund Walbaum, Corinne Briault

During the interview with Änder Schanck and Patrick Kolbusch, the pioneer spirit and the initial values from the founding of the BIOG cooperative were tangible. Everything started with a small circle of a number of organic farmers and one point of sale for their products in Rollingergrund. In the meantime, the Group has evolved and includes the total food value chain along with the BIOG (and BIOG dairy farm), BIOGROS, OIKOPOLIS Services and NATURATA.

Nonetheless, the vision to promote a sustainable development and above all an associative economy and to engage in the processing and sales of organic and Demeter products remained the same. The founding of the OIKOPOLIS Foundation with the aim of supporting projects having a positive impact on nature and the creation of an eco-responsible label (fair&associative) are just two examples of the vast pool of initiatives.

The company knows no limits in investing in an innovative and sustainable future. Only recently, the wholesaler BIOGROS has acquired an electric truck for the regional distribution of food products. The two directors are proud to be one of the leading forces behind the realisation of the goals of the European Farm to Fork strategy as well as the targeted 20% organic production in Luxembourg by 2025.

Despite every doubt, the subsidiaries of the OIKOPOLIS Group continue to strive for a healthy food culture and to expand the reach of the biodynamic agriculture in Luxembourg.

“To have a corporate mindset means to take responsibility und to consider the fact that the corporate capital is not only monetary, but includes most of all the values of Human and Nature.”