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New - BIOG Eisleker Bauerekéis

Available at Naturata cheese counters

Our cheese-maker Benoit has created a new cheese,the Éisleker Bauerekéis. It is characterised by its velvety texture combined with a fine mildly spicy aroma. This is a real new addition to the popular Éisleker range, which is also very suitable for cosy raclette.

Like all Éisleker cheeses, it is handmade in the BIOG cheese dairy on the Schanck-Haff. On delivery, it has been matured for at least 7 weeks and has a fat content of at least 50% in dry matter.

By the way: The milk for all Éisleker cheeses comes directly from the Demeter farm Schanck-Haff. There, the cows eat fresh grass and herbs on the pasture in summer and aromatic hay in the barn in winter. They are not fed silage - and you can taste it!