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„Organised chaos‟ : energy-intensive art pieces in the NATURATA restaurant

„Organised chaos‟ are called Gilles Modolin's colore-intensive paintings which are currently exhibited in the NATURATA Restaurant in Munsbach. The paintings are not drawn with a brush, but demand a much stronger physical activity- „Action painting“.

And the gestures, with which the 34-year old electronics engineer throws the acryll color onto the canvas, demonstrate the freed aggression during the creative process of the art pieces. nevertheless, the result seems well-balanced, even in harmony. "You need to know when to stop."

  • 201910expo Gi Mo galerie1
  • 201910expo Gi Mo galerie2
  • 201910expo Gi Mo galerie3
  • 201910expo Gi Mo galerie4
  • 201910expo Gi Mo galerie5
  • 201910expo Gi Mo galerie6
  • 201910expo Gi Mo galerie7

The similarity between all the paintings is the preference for dark backgrounds, reulting from the passion for "black metal".

Gilles Modolin's „art for a moderate price“, bit with a lot of containing Energy is available to admire and purchase until end of february 2020 in the NATURATA Bio Resto & Café in Munsbach.

For your information: NATURATA Bio Resto & Café