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Organic farming practices evaluated

Measuring the monetary value of farmers sustainability performances

The dairy farmers of the BioG cooperative produce according to the strict criteria of organic and biodynamic agriculture, for which clearly defined standards and certification processes apply. In 2021, in addition, the farmers decided to undergo an assessment by the tool “Regional value performance calculation” measuring the sustainability of farming practices as well as their contribution to society, ecology and the local economy.

Developed by Christian Hiß in collaboration with German farmers and other stakeholders and based upon scientific findings, the tool is an innovative evaluation method to calculate the costs or monetary value of farmers’ efforts. How do farmers contribute towards sustainability of the ecosystem, society and region? What is the monetary value of this contribution, and should those sustainability performances of farmers not be remunerated?

The outcome or monetary value calculated for 2020 is 1.35 million euros.


Sustainability performances are measured in three dimensions; ecology (including biodiversity, climate, animal welfare), social (including employment, decent work, education) and regional economy (including regional economic cycles and networking), based upon 300 indicators. Therewith, provides the tool answers to the following questions:

  • How sustainably does my business operate?
  • How can I increase my sustainability performance?
  • What is the monetary value of my current sustainability performance?

The Oikopolis Group is supporting farmers in this assessment process. The aim is to find out which positive developments are already taking place or need support in future. The outcome or monetary value calculated for 2020 - this is how much added value the BioG farmers provided for the environment, society and region in that year – is 1.35 million euros.

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